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supersafe boost

bozo the doop
First Timer

I had supersafe working on my system with no issues. my windows 7 was set download & update automatically. Windows updated & supersafe stopped working. I released the licence & re-download the exe file again. I ran the exe file & it removed the existing supersafe. It downloaded the files but crashed at 99%. I have tried it a number of times but it always crashes at 99%. I can find no sign of fsecure or supersafe on my system apart from the exe set up file.

I have tried to speak with talk talk a complete waste of time in fact they have tried to charge me for the free supersafe boost which comes with the package.They just keep passing me around & wanting me to go through the same process time & again.anyone any ideas ?


Community Team

Hi bozo the doop, when you removed the software did you use the Fsecure removal tool? If not give that a try and then reinstall and let me know how you get on.