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Last chance to register your interest

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Everyone,


This is your last chance to register your interest in the Invitation-only launch with Plume. If you would like to be added to the list please start a topic and complete your community profile



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Could I joint or is it to late 


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Just found this, really interested if there's any spaces.

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Hi @Anonymous 


The Plume Whole Home Adaptive Wi-Fi product is now launched in the UK. Have a look at their website for annual membership and equipment costs etc.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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I've seen the launch, thanks. Are there any discounts for TalkTalk customers (like Virgin)?

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Hi blankets 


Selected TalkTalk customers and selected Virgin Media customers were part of Plume's entry strategy to the UK market. The TalkTalk offer, but only to selected customers, was a monthly price of £9 for 12 months' Plume membership and included 2 superpods. So, a price of £108 for the year. The Virgin offer was reported as £6/m for a 3 pod pack.


Now that Plume have launched their UK website, you buy direct from Plume. The annual membership (£99) and price for a superpod and 2 power pods is £198 as an inclusive price. 


The pre-launch invitational pricing was very attractive but there are no post-launch offers via TalkTalk.


If you think the managed adaptive wi-fi of the Plume system is better than a standard mesh wi-fi approach and better than the router wi-fi and wi-fi extender approach then give it a try. Plume offer a 60 day return policy.  NB if you cease the membership after a year the pods are yours to keep but they become passive wi-fi access points.  Keep the annual membership going and the warranty on the pods continues as does the managed adaptive wi-fi element.


If you'd like a comparison of mesh wi-fi see Martin's Blog item.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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