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And so goodbye.

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Having been with TalkTalk since 2006 this is my last week with you all. Last week's 45 minute contract renewal discussions with 4 call centre "loyalty" staff  failed to produce any sort of reasonable offer.The upshot is that 12 years worth of shoddy service is all about to end.TalkTalk was only about one thing.No one ever praised it's products or service.No one ever remarked how terrific it's website was.TalkTalk's one thing was it's price.It was cheap.Now however a quick search online reveals several cheaper ISP's .Some much cheaper. The upshot is,I have moved to a cheaper contract with another ISP. How does it feel? Pretty good actually.Time will tell I guess but I doubt my new provider can be any worse.Can they?

So goodbye all and good luck.You may need it.

Community Team

Hi majorst


sorry to hear you are leaving, and we do wish you well with your new provider.


If you do find that the grass is not greener on the other side, you will always be welcome to come back to us.





Remarkably, when trying to like this post there is an 'authentication fail' message. No wonder there are no likes ......
First Timer

Mate, i don't know y r u facing this issue..Talktalk has always been good in terms of services..U not using it doesn't matters to me,but i will suggest u,other providers are even bad then this.They may be cheaper but with no service.Its ur wish though..Stay blessed