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Customer forum yet customers comments removed. Bais community stars

Wizz Kid

I am pretty sick of this forum offering halb info and removing any info from customers which give a better suggestion than offered from community stars or oces.

You are not allowing the customer the choice of who's info is relevant to them but instead allowing furguson to be heavy handed with removing posts from mine and others posts when we are in discussion.

Comments have been made to myself and other customers in a bullying fashion and quick removed when I have pointed them out . Comments are removed which criticise poor actions of your want to be oces.

It is unfair to have something pushed which is simply not the whole story and having comments removed offering advise which is genuine and worked for some of us.

I have raised 2 complaints about the conduct of your oces and community stars and no surprise am yet to have a response.

This is a community forum and you seem to silence the community and push a view that suits the staff and not the customer.

Poor show talktalk

Wizz Kid

Well it appears customers are not allowed to 'say what they think' in this section of the forum either as someone commented expressing the same feelings but their opinions and feeling on a community forum have been removed.

I'm assuming my posts have had an impact as at least it not not being advised you can not have it anymore and instead to contact the loyalty team about this.

Over the last week I have at least seen a slow change in the info mayın offered by the oces in regards to people in the situation. Telling people it can not be done is simply not fair when other departments are able to full fill customers requests.

It's unfortunate that a true picture of people's problems and experiences and not available due to many posts on mine and others topics being removed which have expressed thanks and been genuine helpful communications between between customers which this forum was set up for.

It states on the forum that community stars are customers just like us but clearly this is not the case as they are given power to say what they want and remove what ever content they see fit either because it shows their true colours or does not express the views they push themselves. I thought people would be allowed an opinion in a community forum built for the customers but it appears counter productive in my opinion and just shows how talktalk or community stars choose to manipulate the info provided to talktalk customers.

I have not been disrespectful to anyone and tte claims of me spamming have been simply untrue as I have given relevant info to people in simular situations as ke which have been greatly received by those in question.  It is in fact your community stars who talk down to customers and mis quote what they say. Why should they have the right to decide what information a customer receives from another customer in a simular situation. It just gives the impression they are pushing the info they are told do by the oces.

At least after posting this I have finally been contacted by the chief executives office in regards to my experiences and sincere apologies expressed.

Community Team

Hi Cptredeye 


I'm sorry you feel this way.


The TalkTalk Community is governed by a set of community guidlines that all customers agree to abide by when the sign up to the community.


We have not bullied or singled you out, but reminded you when those terms and conditions have been breached. 


We do try to keep the community as informal as possible and if you read through the many boards across the community you will see that us OCE's and our Community Stars help so many people on a daily basis.


Some comments in a thread may be removed if they are repetative and do not contribute to the overall dialogue or issue, and this is something we ask our Stars to help with.


In addition to this, our workflow tool will pull in posts across the community in the order of oldest first. If a customer has an issue and a post is made that does not offer any value to the original poster, this will have the effect of pushing their issue to the back of the queue and thus delaying our reply and increasing the resolution time to a possible fault.


Our community Stars are customers just like you.  They do not get free services or paid for their time, they volunteer their own time across the community to help other customers with issues or just to give helpful advice.  Some do it because they enjoy helping out and sharing their technical experience.  Some like to repay help they have received in the past, or you might say that some are paying it forward.


Your original postings stemed from the fact that you were unhappy that the new WiFi hub was not provided to existing customers for free.


As we have pointed out, this was a business decision and not something we can overturn.


An agent may have provided a WiFi hub in your case however they did so against the current process and feedback has been given. 


If you disagree with any policies or processes within TalkTalk then you are welcome to follow our complaints process, however advising other customers to request that agents break with current process will not be allowed and any such posts will be removed. 


You can advise a customer to call our loyalty team and discuss their own options based on their current account package, but agents have been briefed to follow the current business process.


We do want you yo get the most out of the community and contribute help or expertise where possible, all we ask is that you are mindful of the Community Guidlines and are aware that a post that does not directly address the issue could cause a delay.



Many Thanks



Wizz Kid

 My original post actually steed from the fact I had been totally unhappy with the service provided by talktalk and going round and round in circles on the same poor quality equipment which I have had nothing but issues with. In regards to me being bullied.. that is not what I said. Comments have been made by community stars to belittle other customers and make them feel stupid for saying something when the community stars are themselves not giving the whole quote thus painting a different picture if what was said.

I have not been posting the same info repetitively to the same threads. U have been replying to customers on their threads with simular experiences and advising of the process that worked for me. I agreed it was not 'your' process but other departments were able to offer this as that is the process I had received.

Over this last week I have seen the advise me in given by your oces change from it cannot be done. To advising to call the loyalty team.  I feel had I not advised people and expressed my experiences then this would probably not he being advised.

I have already raised a complaint and am in discussion via email with a chef executive about the failing's of a customer based community.

It's just a shame others are not allowed to express their experiences or feelings especially when it's in 'tell us what u think' portion of the community.

I still feel I have wrongly been accused of spamming when my comments have been to customers in simular situations. Your community stars often high jack posts with irelevant info when they feel fit but they are not accused if spamming yet I can post my experiences and what worked for me in people's situations and this is deemed as just that.

I feel it unfortunate a customer forum is run this way as it does not give a true representation of how customers are treated

Community Team

Hi Cptredeye 


Have you been contacted by the Complaints Manager?





Wizz Kid

I am in discussion via email with chief executive office mainly to express my concerns of the failing of the community.. i do not believe control over who says what should be left to someone else like furguson who clearly gives an altered view of what really gets said on this forum  why should one customer have the power to decide who says what before just removing their comments and advice as spam. I also notice you have changed what you are advising people and are now telli g people to contact loyalty and not just simply ' you can not have it free' as you were initially so at least that's a step I'm the right direction. Some people certainly have to much say over what other customers can say though in my opinion and need to register evaluate what is classed as spam. Let the customer decide who they listen to, not get decided my a heavy handed mod

Community Team



All communities have moderators and ours is no different.  Our Stars will moderate when required and we are aware of their actions.  


Wth regard to advice to customers, we are still advising customers that the new Wi Fi hub is not provided for free, as per our process, but we are telling people that they can contact our loyalty teams to see if they are eligible for an upgrade, contract renewal etc.  Each customer account is individual and would be addresed on it's own merits.  What we are not doing is advising customers to contact loyalty and insist on a hub for free.





Wizz Kid

It seems rather unfortunate that your moderators are not listed as such and not 'community stars' who are listed as customers just like us.

If they are given power to choose who says what and remove other people's as well as their own comments when they look bad then this is not a very fair moderation process.

If they are just customers like us then why should they have power to decide who I can post my experiences with.

I accept you as a team can not advise it as free. I simply was not happy being treated like a second rate customer when I was being told they look after their loyal customers.

I was not happy with the dink or huwaii routers and their poor performance and the only acceptable solution was for me to get the new hub or yet another engineer visit to be told it's yet another router..

As a customer I am simply giving other customers my input in what I done about the situation which I believe this forum is for.

Instead of have certain community stars deleting convo's between other customers and then posting a cut and paste 'you can but it from the site '

Since I initially raised the issue the advise seems to of changed from being told it can't be done to contacting loyalty so it seems my actions have been taken note of to some degree and slightly more useful info given than simply you can buy it from the site.

I have given constructive info and lots of positive feedback has been received yet a certain community star deems this as spam instead of his comments which has been in no way connected to the problem at hand but more in the hopes he will silence me.

It's not an acceptable way for a customer community to be run in my opinion.