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My webmail account has always been with TalkTalk, not AOL. Although I have, (several times), correctly processed the request from Oath to 'deselect', thus preventing my personal data from being spread far and wide, I am still having problems. At least today I can actually access my webmail. However, every time I log out, the wretched pop up from Oath reappears with the same message about stating my preferences. I'm back to square one as 'deselect' has again been altered back to 'allow access' by the following websites, most of which I have never heard of. I would be extremely grateful if this problem could be sorted!

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Hi @Squibs7


Your preferences for Oath / AoL / TalkTalk are stored in Cookies that your browser will refer to each time you visit a webpage.


If your browser Cookies are deleted upon closing the browser (that's a setting that you can activate) then the next time you visit the webpage your preferences will need to be set up again.


So the answer is to keep Cookies. Here's the information for Firefox but every browser has a Help feature that will advise on how to manage Cookies.

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Hi Squibs7

Are you clearing cookies when you close your browser?


If you delete all cookies, change your browser or use different devices, you will be asked to give your consent again.
For example, if you access webmail on a computer at home, your smartphone whilst out and about then a computer at work you’ll need to provide consent three times, once for each of these devices. 


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Thank you for the info'. I'll keep trying.

Kind regards

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Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the info'.

Kind regards