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Newbie and the psychology of frustration and motivation

Hi everyone, probably nothing new here but stating the obvious sometimes helps get it out of your system. Motivated by frustration at the lack of customer service provided by TalkTalk and similar big corporations I continually find myself wasting time and energy joining forums and making posts in the community section rather than being able to deal directly with the invisible and elusive 'customer service' team of the company. If only they realised that dealing with issues quickly and directly using uncomplicated websites would mean fewer negative posts. Clearly they do not understand that frustration is a huge motivator for those of us that feel ignored or suffer injustice. Latest personal issue? No sign of the promised £65 signing up voucher after 5 months and numerous emails to customer service. Ah well I will persevere, frustration as a motivator will keep me going!
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Hi Leach_27041953


Thanks for your post. 


I will contact the team at AWIN and get back to you. 





Still heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement, from the AWIN team. I feel they have made it difficult to claim the voucher on purpose and do not reply to put off as many people as possible from claiming the money. This is deceitful and shameful. Please advise if there is another complaint route I can take in order to resolve this matter

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Leach_27041953


Unfortunately there is no sale tracked through AWIN,  meaning that you are ineligible for any vouchers.  


I can only advise that you follow our complaints procedure to dispute this. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


We are legion

I have asked How are you many people are being scammed by talktalk voucher scheme and now no reply to my enquires.

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Hi @mac4nine 


I see you have received a reply to your thread.


Your purchase was direct with TalkTalk apparently and not via an affiliate. But you do have the opportunity to raise a dispute by making a formal complaint. How do I make a complaint? 


Bear in mind that if your Internet browser has tracker blockers then the necessary cookies to record the sale via an affiliate may not have been stored.  When making tracked purchases I always disable blockers to make absolutely sure a purchase is properly tracked.

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