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Router parental controls

First Timer

I keep blocking certain websites and apps from the router using homesafe so my teenage son can’t access them but I noticed that after a day or two the blocking was lifted. I discovered that all my son was doing to unblock them is resetting the router! If parental controls can be undone this easily then they’re pointless! I’m tired of playing cat and mouse with him. Any solutions?

I asked TalkTalk through messaging but all they did is send me an email explaining how to use homesafe to block websites!

Community Team

Hi Linda70, is he changing the DNS on the router? The settings apply at network level not on the router. Resetting the router shouldn't remove the HomeSafe blocks. Does he know the router password? Have you changed it from the one on the sticker on the back of the router? If not he's probably resetting the DNS settings.