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John Denovellis
First Timer

Just sigh a new 18month contract, Do I get a new ROUTER.

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Hi @John Denovellis 


If you're a new customer to TalkTalk then you will be provided with a TalkTalk Wi-Fi router.


If you're an existing customer then you will be provided with a TalkTalk Wi-Fi router if you haven't already received one.


The Router entitlement is set out at the bottom of the Sales page:


TalkTalk Wi-Fi router entitlement

Each household with a Fixed Low Price Plan is entitled to one TalkTalk Wi-Fi router. New customers automatically receive a TalkTalk Wi-Fi router with their Fixed Low Price Plan. Existing customers upgrading to a Fixed Low Price Plan that have not already received a TalkTalk Wi-Fi router will also receive a TalkTalk Wi-Fi router.


The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is included for new customers when they sign up to a Faster Fibre plan, or for existing Fast Broadband customers upgrading to a Faster Fibre plan. Excludes existing Faster Fibre customers renewing onto a Faster Fibre plan. Both Fast Broadband customers (new and existing) and existing Faster Fibre customers can upgrade to the Wi-Fi Hub for an optional £30 charge. Each eligible household is entitled to only one Wi-Fi Hub.

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