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Stupid marketing garbage

Super Duper Contributor

How do I stop these stupid marketing messages I get (via private messaging) on here? My main account has ALL marketing disdabled. Is there an option on here for that as I can't find it? I don't want to block receiving messages from Oce's or stephenf as sometimes they are actually related to specific issues I've raised. However what I do NOT accept is the private messaging on here being used to force garbage like this on me....


So far I've had (and these are the one's I haven't deleted):


"Oce_Arne: Samknows Trial - Your broadband needs" - AGAIN!!!! Don't care! Get lost!

"Oce_Arne: Premier League is Back - Join our Fantasy Football League" - Don't care and I HATE football!

"Oce_Arne: Rio Olympic Competition - Win £50" - Don't care! Don't give a stuff about the Olympics!

"stephenf: Samknows Trial - Tour broadband needs" - Don't care!

"Oce_Arne: EURO 2016 Fanatasy Football - Win a 40 inch Sony TV" - I hate football!!!!



Community Manager



This isnt marketing activity but alerts to make you aware of things happening in community, you can disable all PM's which ive done on your account.


Stephen, Community Manager

Super Duper Contributor

Bit of a late reply I know, but I'm afraid this IS (was) MARKETING ACTIVITY.


It doesn't matter how TalkTalk care to dress it up, it is MARKETING. You should NOT need to disabled PMs to my account for this.