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TalkTalk censorship.

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I have been trying to find posts about where the TalkTalk broadband usage gauge went, and yes I do understand that most if not all broadband contracts are unlimited usage but it is nice to be able to check usage sometimes.


I have been complaining about the increase charges on both my fixed price contract and my Essential Sim contract and low and behold I suddenly I got an email telling me what good value I am getting from TalkTalk and giving my broadband usage for May 2018, by the way TalkTalk I am not interested in the Royal Wedding but I am interested in TalkTalk increasing fixed price contracts mid contract and doing the latter is not a good service!


I decided to check my usage myself and surprise surprise the gauge is no longer I did a Google search for any posts regarding what happened to the TalkTalk usage gauge and posts made on this subject in 2017 have all been access denied.


Obviously TalkTalk no longer want users to see their broadband usage so I can’t check my usage, BT and other ISP are happy to still provide a usage gauge so why not TalkTalk?

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Hi James


TalkTalk provide all customers with unlimited usage within the bounds of 'fair usage'.  As all TalkTalk customers benefit from 'unlimited' a usage meter was deemed unnecessary. A TalkTalk policy to make things simpler.


As you'll see from the email a customer's usage is still available from the access server systems and the OCE support for this forum can provide you with your monthly average usage figures.


Other ISP's, you mention BT, do have some customers that have capped allowances so it's obviously necessary for them to continue to provide customer usage metering of some form or another.

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