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Typing delay for letters to appear.

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Only on talk talk website. When I type a letter or a number it talks a few seconds for what I have typed to appear .This does not happen on any other web site,My laptop is a MacBook Air.

Do not tell me it is my laptop settings that require changing because they do not!

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Hi @Malcolm19431


Well let's look at it logically.


  • The letters are taking time to appear
  • They're stuck in a keyboard buffer
  • They're waiting for the processor to find time to take them out of the buffer
  • The processor has not a lot of spare time
  • The processor is doing other things
  • So, what is the processor doing?
    Processing something like a download or hung in a loop?


Open Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder of your Applications folder; hopefully it's there.

Activity monitor will show you what's running and what's consuming most of the processor time.  You may then be able to get a clue as to what's causing the heavy processor usage or processor hang.


 Gondola - Community contributor

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From a new (today) TalkTalk Forum member: Have come across similar hang-ups sometimes when I'm editing emails etc, using my Desktop and Keyboard. Found that when I moved the Keyboard a little farther away from my monitor, the problem - for some unknown reason, is removed!


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Hi @Firefly-1947S 


Welcome to Community.


An interesting observation that moving a keyboard away from a desktop monitor will sufficiently reduce the radio frequency interference from the monitor that's affecting the keyboard operation. 


There's a thing called the inverse square law. Works like this. You double the distance and the interference pickup is reduced to a quarter.

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Interesting - 'Gondola'... I have also noticed, that effects/interference's from, or between the keyboard and the system when editing can be erratic, as some times the "instantness" (new word possibly?) of hitting the keys can be far more noticeable (sometimes no-responsive; or it can go the other way back-tracking itself, wiping out parts of already typed in text, only becoming properly functional again after the keyboard is either moved back from the monitor, or angled in relation to the monitor).