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We've got some new Features coming soon...

Community Manager

Hi everyone, 


Just wanted to let you know we've been busy working on some new features and bug fixes over the last few weeks, i'll be posting an update shortly with more details of what we're adding next. 



Stephen, Community Manager

john deere
Chat Champion

do these new features include honesty, decent service, maybe a response within a reasonable time?



I am not a TalkTalk employee or groupie, just another customer with super slow broadband
john deere
Chat Champion

I'm joking.....

we all know they wont

I am not a TalkTalk employee or groupie, just another customer with super slow broadband
It will probably be the same type of announcements about 4G coming in November 2014. Its still coming and they are "working hard" , still. Of, course, they need to get it right too!
First Timer

Now that some mindless idiot has "UPGRADED" talk talk my view which has basically *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* up the tv is there any way of going back to the old way which worked most of the time?

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Hi @oldmanG


YouView Press Release 23rd November 2016

YouView today announces a landmark moment in its history with the re-engineering and redesigning of its entire platform.

Over the coming months a new simpler, more streamlined and image-led interface will rollout across the UK. Every set top box provided by YouView’s shareholder partners TalkTalk and BT – as well as all original devices bought by retail customers since its launch in 2012 – will be upgraded.


It's not possible to go back to the earlier version of YouView.  And as you can see, every YouView box is upgraded by YouView.  Their website is at should you wish to make representations directly to them or indeed find out more about the upgrade.


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