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First Timer

I joined up to talk talk a month ago when they had a super deal on! I was quite excited and looking forward to my switch on day today! I had a phone call last Monday to confirm everything was going ok and confirming switch on day today. I took the day off, sat here waiting and just thought I'd ring up and check that the engineer is able to find my address, to which I was told ' no one is coming' we have run out of fibre ports .you could join the normal broadband and wait to see when the next available 'port' comes vacant! There was no warning, no appology, nothing. They have all my DD details- everything! Apparently there is no fibre to my address at this time. So, I did remind them I am currently on fibre and had taken a day off- they just didn't care. People warned me about talk talk but I didn't listen. I missed out on a good sky deal to change to them- unbelievable! My boss will go mad as they actually wanted the day off themselves! 

Community Team



I'm really sorry to hear this an sorry for the poor service you have received.


We are not always notified by Openreach if they have reached capacity at the cabinet or exchange and all their fibre ports are taken.


They will usually order more ports to be installed where possible but we would not have an estimated time for this.


You mention you are currently on fibre, is this via the previous supplier ?


If you add your phone number to your Community Profile I can check your line for any open orders etc.