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Hi @Vasilica Luminita  & @Tom field 

Welcome to the community, this is a nice little community of very helpful members and a team of hardworking OCEs, this is the best place to get help and advice regarding talktalk services in my honest opinion, so enjoy your stay and contribute to the community.

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Sylvia Grinham
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I'm Sylvia Grinham . My beautiful husband and twin flame died last year. We were together 12 years . Handfasted 9  years and married just five months. I am a witch, druid, and reiki healer and I read tarot, fortune and oracle cards. I am 62 in September at present suffering from sciatica and low blood pressure. I have 5 boys from my previous marriage. I like music, theatre, cinema, and playing games on my tablet. Well that's me.

Community Team

Hi Sylvia


Welcome to the Community. Really sorry to hear of the loss of your Husband last year but I'm sure he will always be with you in heart and in spirit.


Everybody is really friendly across the community, and if you ever have any issues with your service, or just want to ask a question, then please do.  We'll always do our best to get you an answer..


You can also pop into our Lounge area and discuss your interests and see if we have any like minded people posting who would be eager to discuss.


Warmest Regards,