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Why can't I sign into my community account

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Why can't I sign into my main community account? (LeahG96)


I have created this current profile using an old email address just to ask this question.


I have tried resetting my password, but I don't receive a reset email - even in my junk folder. I have tried to re-register but it claims my email address is currently in use (hence why I've used an old one to ask this question). I have even tried using my previous username, but that doesn't work because it's no longer my username.


I just can't seem to log into my account at all. Has it been deactivated/blocked? If so why and how can I get it reactivated?

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How strange. I can see your old posts just fine, but obviously I have no access to your profile/login details. Hopefully the support team can help when they are back online tomorrow, I have flagged this up accordingly. 

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Hi @steakpie1996 


I would try signing in to LeahG96 but clearing the password box and manually entering the password.


The TalkTalk Online Defence with Password Manager might be worth considering if you don't already use a password manager for your cyber security.


On the password reset issue, just wondering what the email domain is for LeahG96? If it's a non-TalkTalk managed email address and happens to be AoL, Sky or Yahoo Mail then we are seeing reports of possible blocking of mail by Yahoo hosted domains.

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Hi steakpie1996,


How are you getting on, have you tried Gondola's suggestion?