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Why has my query been moved?

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Hi all


yesterday evening i posted a query titled shockingly slow pS4 download speed where i was asking how with faster fibre and speed boost my son can only download games at a rate of approx 1mbs.  Today I haev recieved an email to say that somone called ferguson had moved my post with reason : stick to original topic (which I had) this was a query how to impore the download speed of my son's PS4; and the explanation : stop spamming the forum! 

On whose say so does ferguson have the right to decide this is not a genuine query adn to deem teh post as spam.

I may have posted it in thehwrong place and in fact I posted 2 queries yesterday for unrelated topics, but actually it is really not clear where to post any queries.

Can someone explaine to me and then explain to me how I can increase the download speed for my son which is what I had originally asked.



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You posted twice in quick succession, you should not post multiple topics, that’s all.

Community Team

Hi scuse 


I can see that OCE_Chris has posted on your thread today.


We advise to create one thread per issue, if you create multiple threads then this can cause confusion.