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Why you make it so hard to post a message. I had to Google search to find out how to post on the forum. After spending 1/2 an hour trying to find a way how to post in the forum i'll come back tomorrow to post a new topic. why so hard to post . Why don't you make it easy? it's so frustrating. It's not worth it spending so much time on a search engine trying to figure out how to post a message on talk talk forum.!!!!!!!!!

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Hi @Ring24


Welcome to TalkTalk Community.


Thanks for taking time out to let us know your first impressions. Feedback is always good.


Maybe we take things for granted having been here for a few months.


Intuitively, I'd explore from the Home page where you register and log in and then tap the Go to Forum Button where you land on the Forum Index. Right there at the top is an intro to Navigate the Community and an About the Community button.


Tap the About the Community button and you'll get the full introduction to Community direct from the Community Manager, Stephen Fell, including how to post in the relevant forum.


What would you like to see that would make it better for newcomers to Community?

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Thanks for your help. I'm getting used to the forum now which is helpfull indeed. Keep on doing the good work!