Whizz Kid



Just had a phone from the above number someone with a very strong indian accent calling themselves "shaun williams" and claiming to be talktalk and it is about my router. How do i stop having these calls, it only started after the company got hacked.


The number keeps changing and tomorrow or another day it will be another number. I am getting frustrated. I have reported these calls in the past and no one either talktalk or action fraud have got back to me or done anything about it.


Hi Edallen,

like you, I was frustrated by these scam calls.  TalkTalk do block some of them, not quick enough in my opinion. So I invested in a piece ok kit called a CPR call blocker. Yes it does the trick! (Piece of mind). Look it up on Youtube.  

First Timer

It seems this phone number has been started just few hours ago: http://who-called.co.uk/Number/01335444213