10 number barred list isn't enough!

Enlightened One

Well after all my procrastinations I have just bought a CPR blocker used on EBay. It is the V5000 latest model and I paid £40 for it. 


I decided to keep my existing Panasonic dect phones as they work fine and I like them. Also, I balked at the thought of having to re enter dozens of my names and number list one by one on the BT call blocker phones. So this way it's just a simple plug and play. The V5000 claims to have over 5000 numbers factory pre programmed in its black list, but as you can't view them, who knows if they really do exist and are usefully blocked? I wish I could verify that somehow just out of curiosity. Anyway, I should have it in a couple of days so we'll see how it goes.


heres looking forward to a scammer free future



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I'm sure you'll be happy with your blocker. I would have gone for one of the bigger ones but my granddaughter has a habit of pressing buttons on things if they are big and colourful, she used to press the power button on my desktop pc because it glowed bright blue, and that would shut down the pc. :womanlol:

Enlightened One

Got my CPR V5000 call blocker. All set up and working. I think I made the right choice.


My Only criticism is that there is no useful display on the main screen of how many calls it has actually blocked for you over time! Yet there are two numerical counters on the screen which both always show the same thing, that is the number of blocks you have set up!

You can scroll up using the buttons and there are actual blocking event counters on each number you have blocked etc, but there is no grand total display of total calls that have cumulatively been blocked! One of those main screen counters could have easily been used for that with a minor software tweak.


I can't understand why it wasn't done like that. I would like to see at a glance that this thing is earning it's keep!

Thanks for the suggestions on here anyway. I was not aware of such devices until reading this thread. I have cleared my TT 10 number barred list now as I shouldn't need it. This V5000 should be a much better solution in the long run.




PS I suggest everyone should read this and support the campaign, it only takes a minute and it is a very good cause!! If you've ever dealt with BTOpenreach, you will know what I mean!.........


Whizz Kid

@OCE_Arne wrote:

If you log the number through My Account this bars that number at a network level. 

How does one do that? I can't find anything on the "my account" page that helps and the on-line chat with an "advisor" was time that I could have spent better making a pot of tea!

Community Team - TT Staff

Once you log into My Account there is a box on the right hand side under the headline " Report a scam or nuisance call "



Enlightened One

Hi Arne 


So what happens if a scam callers number is reported in that way? Is it immediately blocked for everyone? Or is it investigated in some way?



Community Team - TT Staff

It is investigated, When its verified (not sure on the criteria ) then the number is added to the blacklist, Then no calls from that number are allowed through our network. 



Enlightened One

I see Arne.


Thank you.



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Unfortunately, having emailed the CEO of TalkTalk, she responded to say that TalkTalk do not block the IP addresses of VoIP because they "concluded that it was not going to be helpful as the IP addresses are most likely from a pool at the originating ISP, and they would simply change the IP address."


Of course, the fact that blocking the caller ID number is effectively just as pointless was not mentioned....


Very frustrated at low number of barred numbers, especially as this is a problem created by TT. I have filled my list of TT scammers very quickly, please take action TT.