15 Calls in 3 days!

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Fron 2nd to 4th August, I have had 15 calls, supposedly from TalkTalk trying to tell me that there is a virus in my router and I need to be sent a new one. Yesterday 3rd, was the worst and thankfully I was out for most of the day but between11.24am and 15.36 I had 10 calls from number: 0012055904463 which I know is a bogus number and call blocking does not work in this case.

The are men with very distinct Indian accents and no matter how rude I am to them and tell them I know they are not from TalkTalk they are persisting with what I can only describe as harrassment to the point of making me ill! I have a history of mentsal health issues and have been in hospital many times but I am intelligent and knew from the start that I was being scammed.

They also use another number: 018023818376 which I thought had been blocked but it is still being used and getting through. I cannot just unplug my landline and use my mobile as my elderly parents are frail, do not have a mobile and I need to be there if they call.

Can anyone PLEASE offer a solution to this? :womansad:

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Quite a lot of people have reported having good success using a BT5700 phone or a Truecall unit.

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I cannot find the BT phone mentioned and a Truecall unit is almost £100! Why should I have to buy anything to stop this? I am on benefits and cannot find this kind of money!!
Thanks but of no help to me. 😞

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Sorry BT8500.


All the major UK ISPs and law enforcement agencies have been unable to stop these calls and you can't make it illegal for people to use their phones. These scams are now being attempted on an industrial scale.


According to a recent article in The Times the USA is the primary target, followed by the UK. In the UK, BT is the number one target, followed by Apple users.


Sometimes telling these people that you don't have a pc any longer, or you are an Apple Mac user might get you off a calling list.

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Thanks. I realize that I am not the only person who gets these calls and that it is a worldwide problem. I will try telling them something like I am in my 80s and haven't got internet or something along these lines. It is quite distressing for someone who suffers from anxiety and it feels like a personal vendetta.

I have had the odd scam call before but these guys are relentless! Sorry for sounding shirty but I have had a hard day!


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Not a problem.


Don't tell them you are in your 80's - they will assume that makes you more vulnerable and they may try harder.


Just tell them you don't have a pc anymore, and stick to that story.


It can be difficult, but do try to remember that their calls are not personal. You are just one entry on their call lists, they don't know you, they don't care who you are, you are just a potential victim to them.


Just stay smart and alert, and don't believe anyone if they say they are from TalkTalk (unless you made the call). Remember, you are in control of the phone call, so just stay calm, you already know what they are trying to do, so you are one step ahead of the scammer.


If you feel you are getting stressed then just hang up - and take several deep breaths.

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Thanks for the advice and BTW, I have decided to invest in the BT phone. My health is more important than money and it is not as expensive as I thought.

You are a star! 😄

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I have now been forced to spend money I cannot afford on a BT phone that will block these scammers. I would like to know how these guys know my name and now also my TalkTalk mobile phone number? I confronted one of these callers and asked him why he was trying to steal money from me and his response was that he had a family to feed, more or less admitting that the call was a scam.
How do they have access to so many fake phone numbers as there are at least 10 blocked on my BT phone? I have submitted all of these to TalkTalk but I am wondering how long it will be before they give up. I am still getting an average of 6 calls a day and when they find they are blocked on my landline they call my mobile where there is no number shown, just 'out of area'. I have to say I find the story about the FBI not being able to track down these people a bit far-fetched as the numbers have a clear pattern to them. My brother lives in the US and has heard nothing about these type of calls.