Anothe scammer

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Had a phone call yesterday on my landline. Bloke with Indian accent telling me I had a problem with my router etc let him waffle for a bit then told him go away in short jerky moments. The call was so corny I cannot believe any one would fall for it.

When I did 1471 the number came back as 0123456789.

My question how do they fix the system to get 1471 to give a number like that..


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Received a call supposedly from TT telling me that issues affecting my hard drive were causing problems woith my router.

He requested I log on to my pc and he would helpc me cure the problem. I dodged the issue by saying I had to leave home.

He gave his name as David Williams and he called from 00441254785241. I have subsequently blocked this number.

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Had a call a couple of weeks ago, Indian jackass told me he was from's the worrying part, quoted my account details including my account number, all correct. I told him what I tell all the scammers who've been calling me for 7-8 years very impolitely to feck off. Very worrying though, how on earth did this dolt get that info and is he only one step away from my bank details? TT, I'd appreciate an explanation and some reassurance.