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Just recieved an automated phone call, robot sounding indian lady supposedly from Talktalk saying my internet was about to be cut off and to press 1 or 2 to talk to someone.

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I had the same call as well,nowt new there for me because its been going on for years on my landline.As anyone been locked up for these scams? I suspect the silence to this question will speak volumes.

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Have you entered the number in our  check and report site we can investigate it and block it on the network.


Also you could activate our CallSafe service which has been proven to deter scam callers read about it on our about CallSafe help page




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" we can investigate it and block it on the network."Is that it then,what i really want to know if after these investigations does it go any further than just blocking a number.Has anyone been caught yet,with todays technology surely you would have thought so.Anyone care to answer,dont be shy now,you can tell me in total confidence.Wink

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...Action Fraud are the unit that catches and prosecutes individuals.  Here's their latest success...cold calling scammers - 5 jailed for a total of 18 years.

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