Call Pretending to be From TalkTalk

Conversation Starter

Hi cris, you should report this number to Talktalk so that they can block the number.

One of the calls I had said they were about to disconnect my internet connection.

I said that would be great as my laptop was stolen last week. This confused the caller and after a period of silence he rang off.

Wizz Kid

Trouble is that most of these calls are made using VOIP.  Numbers using this protocol can be spoofed, or made up, or not given. I had twelve calls  yesterday [8.11.16]  one being from a UK mobile .  Spoofed no doubt!  One today purportedly from Talktalk where the  caller hung up when asked to repeat her name. However the callers number was not avalable.

First Timer

Just had a call from 0109111171 saying it was talktalk and I had an internet problem, please switch on computer,no problem with my internet so i poliety said Bog off!

First Timer

I too just had a call from 0138808410 saying that she was from talktalk and that i had a problem with my broadband and that i should sit infront of my computer - i politely suggested that this was a known and common way of scamming people and hung up .