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First Timer

I'm the new guy that I want to get to the bottom of this 🙂


I had a call today at 1.36pm (No number) and he was from the IT technical depth and he's Indian. I can hear that it was from a call center since there was allot of talking in the background. He was saying good afternoon, my name is Jack and there seems to be allot of bad malware coming though your router.


He didn't say about my name like hello Mr example and it's very weird call!! and I cannot understand him with his Indian language. I repeated myself to him "who do you work for" and had an answer after the 4th time and he said TalkTalk.


So is this real? 

Community Team - TT Staff



This certainly sounds like a scam.  Our teams will never call you advising they can see issues with your router etc.  


If you receive any other calls of this nature or any calls in general where people ask you for information.  Just tell them you will call in when you have time and hang up.


If you do call the alleged company, never call a number off your phone, or they give you, always call the official contact number for the organisation and they can advise if they tried to contact you.




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