Can a scammer reset my broadband connection?

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So I get a call from someone claiming to be from TalkTalk - the number they came in on was 01542333756 (probably fictional). Lady with an indian/asian accent says my connection is going to be cut off in 30 minutes because my IP address has been compromised (I feel that's a pretty meaningless statement)

So I hung up.

Almost immediately my boradband and internet lights on my router (I'm sat right next to it) went off.

That's a spooky coincidence, so is there some signal that can be sent on a phone line that triggers a router to reset the connection?

Of course, the router happily reset itself and came back up, otherwise I wouldn't be posting, but it could scare a less-informed person (programming and system admin is my job)


I have a feeling I've seen this before, but not for a while and it's pretty uncommon: most of the scam calls don't do this


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There is no way that a scammer can cause a drop in the connection, It has to be a coincidence. 


Ive checked your line and there are no issues being picked up, 


If you can recall the number report it on our check and report site. 



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No they would have to be a superstar hacker

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I think it may have been down to a failing ADSL filter: when I put the phone down on other calls the ASDL would drop too - it's just that the scam calls were often during the day when I was sat near the router and could see the effect.
I replaced the filter that the phone was connected to and that seems to have stopped the problem.