Check and Report error


I tried to log a scammer number this morning but it failed at this page with a 401 Authorization Required error:



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Hi @gus88


Is that error repeatable?  I can see that it is a software error in Community that should not have happened.


I'll flag it up to @StephenF the Community Manager who will be keen to investigate this software glitch with the vendors. Even more so if it's an error that's still there.  

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Hi gus88


It looks like somehow you have linked to our test environment the correct link for Check and Report is :


If you have that link saved as a favorite please change it to the one above







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I got the same message this morning. I was reporting a scam call. A second login screen appeared asking for login ID and password. I declined, closed the page and then the community page opened.
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Hi @gus88


Sorry to hear this could you confirm how you got that URL in the first place, there is no hidden secrets on that site, in fact its a mirror of the live stage minus any user accounts which we use to test out new bits n bobs however we never use it in any comms or link to it.


I just want to understand how you got that link? so we can update whatever is pointing to it. 



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i got to the same link.  I did an internet search for TalkTalk Check and Report and selected the link.  I did not use my community account or my TalkTalk account to access.  




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thanks, im struggling to replicate would you mind take a screenshot of what you see when doing a search and posting it back here, if you dont mind that is.. 🙂
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I’ve managed to bring up the community-stage web page again today.  I was on the Report and Check input page, had submitted the number and been told it was a first occurance.  The community login input fields are on that page, I input my details and the attached paged opened.






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I nearly always get the second log in as in gdadpav even though I am logged in to the community, I don’t fill it in and then don’t bother reporting the number as you end up having to go through the whole system again until it lets you in 


i can can see that I am already logged in because of my avita in the address line