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Dear All,

               I received an email purporting to be from TalkTalk, with the header :-


" YOUR BILL PAYMENT FAILED"    with threats of disconnection.


I immediately moved the email to my Junk folder, without clicking on any prompts to "Visit your account" and live chatted to a TalkTalk operative about the email. She then checked it and informed her HOD and the Investigative Team that it was a scam email. Needless to say I was not cut off. I have since checked my Junk folder on another matter and discovered the header info at the top of the scam email read  :-


From TalkTalk <>


I though I would post this on the forum, in case others have received this scam email.


John Calton
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Hi John30444


Thanks for the heads up,   can you forward the email to if you haven't already that is.  



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I received one today, I have forwarded it as suggested above
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Another email scam in Hampshire. This time though, through a friend's email. It seems that the scammers hacked his computer and accessed his email contacts. The hackers rang him (with an American accent) asking for his computer details etc. Although he's a novice computer user, he immediately put down the phone.

However a number of his friends, including me, received requests for money loans via emails. The emails were well written in good English.

Here is what I did:-

1)  I rang him up and got the full story.

2)  I forwarded the scam emails to

3)  I ran an anti virus program through both my PC's.

4)  I downloaded Malwarebyte's free anti-malware program (which is still scanning my main PC, after 1hr and 25mins!)

5) Next I tried to open a new post in the Scamming Forum, but could not find the "New Post" icon. (So much for me being any good at trying to warn others on the Forum, if I cannot even find the "New Post button!!)

6) Now waiting for TalkTalk to ask for the "header" info.,as the email section is down for maintenance.

Hope this is helpful to anyone receiving requests for money to help a friend to but an Apple gift voucher.


John Calton
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"However a number of his friends, including me, received requests for money loans via emails. The emails were well written in good English."


Who sent the emails?  Was it allegedly him?  

This might be termed the first person scam.  I had two of these sometime back.  A phone call to the first told me it was a hacked email.  The second was from a very old  acquaintance (like we never exchange emails etc) and quite preposterous.  He wanted me to sub him for £5,000 and he would refund this by 5 pm that evening.

Another might be termed a third person scam.  They were unable to contact their friend but had your address.  They were stuck in Kiev airport or similar, had been robbed, lost their ticket and passport and needed money to get home.


I once, in Barcelona, had this last airport robbery scam attempted in person on a bus.  Allegedly he had been robbed in Paris.  How he got to Barcelona was not mentioned 🙂

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I have same thing but from some strangecorporate email *removed*
If you will see this email do not follow any instruction.

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@Jessie123 If you get a suspicious email forward it as previously advised.