Fed Up With Scam Calls

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No, she probably isn't listening....I would add, while we continue to pay our monthly dues, she won't hear us....

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I have over the last 2 days started to receive these calls  I have had about 6 the latest at 6am this morning. A lady with an Indian (I think) accent said my router had been throwing up some faults over the last few days  and she wanted me to log onto my pc when I said I didn't have one she said well your laptop then.  I explained I didn't have a laptop either she then started to talk to someone in her native tongue then hung up 


I have given up with expecting TalkTalk to do something and I have bought a call blocker.

I purchased a CPR Callblocker and it is excellent, it has cut down on scam calls dramatically.

My only complaint now is that I get so few, I don't often get the pleasure of pressing the button and blocking them 🙂



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You should not have had to pay for this call blocker.  TT should be supplying them to all of us, free of charge, until they can use some brains and stop these calls at their end

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Still getting 3-6 calls a day from string of zeroes where "caller's details are not available" or spoof UK  numbers which when I call the number back I get the "number unobtainable" tone so what would be the point in blocking or reporting these?


The more I get these calls, which started again in November for me, I cannot help but suspect that TT has ben hacked again and yet again we have not been informed promptly OR, the Indian call centres will be riddled with corruption the same as the rest of the country and certain employees are selling our details to the highest bidder.


Please TT administrators may we have some answers and freee call blockers ASAP?

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I have been inundated with calls this morning. All spoof numbers. I finally decided to answer one and it was the usual so I just aked if they could prove that they were TT and give me my account number which they duly did, accurately, before I hung up.

Finally forced into buying a CPR blocker which I will charge TT for. The one on amazon mentioned in a link previously seems excellent and does not require a power source either - it is line powered. Reviews are all you would wish to hear and the company answers all questions promptly and care about their customers unlike ........

I really think we should have an answer to all people receiving scam calls and it is obvious that TT should be distributing these call blockers free to us until they can sort this massive problem.
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I have just sent the following private message to OCE Debbie.


Hi Debbie,


I have been inundated with scam calls this morning all using spoof numbers, coming up as UK numbers but when called back, only the number unobtainable tone is heard.  Others have come up as a string of asterisks or a string of zeroes which 1471 says "callers details are not available".  You are welcome to investigate all spoof numbers that called me this morning - apart from two genuine calls from a delivery driver which started with 02.


I have been receiving these calls regularly since November last year but only 3-4 a day.  Today has just been intolerable.  I answered the last two calls and they both (man and woman) had my correct account number and said they were calling from Talk Talk.


Enough is enough and I have been forced to purchase a CPR blocker as TT seemingly are unable to stop these calls at source.  I expect, as a good will gesture, for TT to reimburse me the sum of £29.20 - a credit on my account will be fine.


Yours sincerely,


I expect an answer and will post the reply on this thread if and when I receive it.


Hopefully TT are monitoring these threads and will have the decency to email all subscribers, as well as posting answers on these many threads about scam calls with answers as to what they are doing and when they expect to succeed.


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Well done Pedro.

I have complained via Customer Services but all they offer, after withheld number block and last number barring, is a change of number. That would be a major inconvenience and I would change supplier if that was the only way to stop the calls.

I had a few months without calls from 'TalkTalk technical support' but they started up again two weeks ago which makes me wonder if our account info is doing the rounds again. As one of the other posters has stated, they know my account number.


I do hope someone in authority is paying attention to these posts.

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When I get an indian lady I call her 'Miss Scammer'. Just my pet name. She usually hangs up. Wouldn't it be something if we all called her, 'Miss Scammer'? She might get the hint.....That goes for 'Mr Scammer' as well...

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My elderly parents are TalkTalk customers, as am I.


Over the last 2 days they have had 3 unsolicited calls. My father is hard of hearing so it is not easy for him to understand what is going on. He told me the caller said they were from TalkTalk and asked about his router. I swapped out his original small grey router for a better unit bought second hand for a few quid a while back. I work in IT so believe this to be a scam.


The numbers the calls come from have been different every time. It can be a man or a women and they are not local accents making it even more difficult to understand.


The numbers are

01577 395248 24th Jan 10:29

01795 895020 24th Jan 08:32

01162 359989 23rd Jan 14:11


I have told my parents to ignore the calls and hang up.  

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I have recently had 3 months of broadband problems with TT. I have rung them and chatted with them, giving personal details to allow them to access my account.. Problem is now solved.


But the scam phone calls have started purporting to be from TT technical services. Obviously I am aware that they are scammers and I ask them relevant questions like name, address, account number which they know. Their accent is very similiar to TT's call centre staff (Pillipino??). Coincidence or not???? 

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Just had the same call. I managed to waste their time, and mine, for ten minutes. Like you, they knew my account number. I called talk talkTalk and they can't change my account number? I insisted that they do change it but the nice lady from talktalk says she can only put in a complaint on my behalf.....NOT GOOD ENOUGH....C'mon talktalk, change our 'account' numbers. not our phone numbers....
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Just do a search for scam calls on the forum and let your parents read all
the posts.  It is an EPIDEMIC!

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I also have had many calls purporting to come from TalkTalk.


Before Christmas I was polite but ignored telephone offers of help. After Christmas I received a letter to say the TT people had been trying to contact me and advised me to phone the (genuine) TT number.


All this was because I had been complaining about my very low speeds.


My speed has improved and will not be any better until BT do something about our area. I, therefore, do not want to waste TT's time in trying to do something impossible.


I would like to apologise to the genuine TT technicians but know that there must be lots of scam calls in between the genuine ones.


In any case because of a slight hearing problem I prefer Live Chat to a telephone call.



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Why do people share this mania for responding to a device just because it makes a ringing sound? If you have caller display only respond to known callers; other genuine callers can always leave a message. We have always had scammers/conmen/fraudsters and always will. They are not going to go away but we do not have to respond.

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Get yourself a CPR blocker for £29.  I get no annoying scam calls any more which is a luxury not having to traipse over to view the caller display 10 times a day for nothing :smileyhappy:


I've already got Anonymous Caller Reject activated on my account but it doesn't work on these scam calls - There should be an explanation on TalkTalk's HELP pages telling us that both ACR and LCB fail on some calls.

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Update: I've finally given in and and ordered a CPR Call Blocker, so I'll report on how well it works (or not) when I've had it for a few weeks. I didn't fancy paying the £39 charged by Amazon so I got a reconditioned one direct from CPR's Ebay store for £25.