Fed Up With Scam Calls


Talk talk must know about this as its all over their community web sites


Come on Talktalk, forget your Corporate brand and help your customers. 

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Talktalk do not give a damn.

They do not even have an option to block numbers:  a) that cannot be identified b) international calls.


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Still no answers/responses from TT on this forum - Disgraceful. Thumbs__down


On the bright side, my scam calls have dramatically reduced to about 3 a week since installing my call blocker.  Even then my phone does not ring but records the call in the memory for me to check when I feel like it.

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Hi -


TalkTalk may not always currently respond to these posts as there were several help articles placed on line at the time of the last "big hack".








Hope that was the sort of thing you were looking for.

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p.s. Apology -


I've just looked back at some of the previous pages in the thread and the OP marked the thread as solved on the 5th of July last year, so the thread would not have been in OCE workflow queue waiting for a response. Once it is marked solved it is dropped from the active system.


The OCE's always request that everyone with a problem start their own thread - although that isn't always ideal it certainly avoids this sort of issue.

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Cheers pal.  Solved?  I think not but I see what you mean!! Wink

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Hi, why should customers from Talktalk have to buy things ourselves when it's their fault that these Scammers have our numbers in the first instance?

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@Jammy53 wrote:

when it's their fault that these Scammers have our numbers in the first instance?

Uber have recently lost the private details of over 57 million customers and it is being estimated that just over 2 million of those customers are in the UK. Email addresses (so ISPs can potentially be identified) and phone numbers. Odds on some of those 2 million are TalkTalk customers.


Is that TalkTalk's fault ?


@Jammy53 wrote:

Hi, why should customers from Talktalk have to buy things ourselves

Watch out for some announcements expected early next week. Wink

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Uber have never had any of my details, so I can't blame them....Talk Talk lost my personal information about three years ago during a succsessful hack, well publicised at the time. Since then I've been called 6 to 8 times each day by scammers. It's so bad I don't answer if I don't recognise the number...Call blocker is useless because the scammers simply switch numbers....

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My point was that scammers get numbers from everywhere, not just TalkTalk. Scamming is a very wide ranging problem for anyone and everyone that uses the internet.


But 6 to 8 scam calls a day for 3 years ?


But even so, watch out for some TT announcements about this subject that are expected early next week. They could address your problem.

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I appreciate your point about scammers in general. Before Talk Talk lost my information I never had a problem with scammers and I have been a customer of Talk Talk, previously AOL, since the internet was invented....Without a doubt, they compromised my personal information which should have been secure....

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How about this scenario.   I have recently left TalkTalk, due to their poor handling of customer service issues, including poor speed and ineffective handling of massive amounts of spam calls, after their data breach.  I moved to First Utility, who's phone and BB are provided by none other than TalkTalk. 

The speed has increased from 37 MB down to over 52 MB down and the spam calls have all but stopped.  I've gone from a few every day or so, to 2 in total in the last 2 months!

The difference?  A UK Based call centre, not one based in an overseas territory!  I would not be surprised if many of the calls are linked to TalkTalk's call centre.  I am struggling to understand what is it that TalkTalk wholesale is doing for First Utility, that they are not providing for their own customers!

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I received a call from "TalkTalk"  saying my name is Mac. Do you know thaat your broadband is being cut off in the next half an hour.  I said I did know this was a scam and to    off.  the number he called from was 01293567166.  Surely there must be something that can be done.  the person who rented that line must be guilty.