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Whizz Kid

If TalkTalk introduced a password for every customer it would make it impossible for scammers to access our PC's.

I already ask scammers to tell me my TalkTalk password.

This action gets them off the line immediately.

Perhaps this idea could be adopted by TalkTalk.


Check & Report Team

Hi @scottie4642


Thanks very much for your question and great suggestion.


Earlier this year, we became the first UK business outside of the banking sector to replace passwords with voice biometrics, and to date over 600,000 customers have taken up the safer, more secure service. Read more..


This provides a more seamless and secure path for customers to gain service and support. Rather than stating passwords and personal details, enrolled customers can now use their voice as their password, simply saying: “With TalkSafe, my voice is my password.”


We are offering this service, to all customers who contact us.


I hope this answers your question.