(Likely) fraudulent practice by customer service

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Internet has been dropping out a lot lately so I called customer service (0345 172 0088) simply to enquire why. The person on the other end of the phone asked me if I was calling from my talktalk line or my mobile and upon finding out I was calling from my mobile he then kept me waiting on the line while he said he was running a line test, updating me with percentage complete every couple of minutes. At the end of this he just told me there was a fault in the area (which he would have been able to see without having to run a test) and that it would be fixed within 24-72 hours.

Fine, except why ask which line I was calling from unless it was to keep me paying by the minute? Is this a call-centre specific practice or does the talktalk customer service training teach them to do this? Next time I'm asked I'll say I'm calling from my talktalk line and see if the same thing occurs.

Community Team

Hi @trekrios


The reason for asking , is that if you where calling from your landline, the line tests are intrusive and would have cut the call off.  


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.