More Scam Calls!!!!

Wizz Kid
I'm trying to report 2 Scam Phone calls on the forum ive had. One yesterday at 11.22am from phone number 01148600052. This caller called me by name and so must have some access to my information. He also said he could read me my account number to prove he was from Talk Talk. I know Talk Talk wont call like this but if he does have access then this is a worry. I told him he was scamming and he tried to keep me talking I asked for his phone number & he started quickly saying a number that I couldn't quite catch but it was not the number above that I got from dialing 1471 after I hung up. I also had a scam call last week which I had reported from 02088 888777. This is all very worrying and I'm thinking there is a big problem with Talk Talk now that is not being dealt with. Ive actually also reported this via Facebook now as using Internet Explorer i've not been able to get on this forum but can with Chrome. Ive also reported via the website but they dont ask what information the caller has or what the caller asks also so it seems they are just chasing round trying to block these numbers when they are reported without actually addressing how this is happening.