Multiple Automated telephone Scam calls.

Conversation Starter

Today, I have received 3 separate identical Automated Scam calls, with a Female Asian Robotic Voice.  Each number used the same first four  digits in an Area code i.e. 0128

They were.   01280363540  -  01285262982  -  01284931346

Their autodialer call, picked up by my answerphone, triggered their automated message.  As best, as I could hear, the message is.

“From today onwards to discuss the problem, press 1 to connect with Talk Talk. If you wish to disconnect your Internet Press 2”


I checked and reported each number using the TalkTalk number checker, and each time I was the First to report that number. (The whole reason the Scammers spoof numbers in the first place).

Maybe you have since had that number, if you have then still report it as a further comment.


Call Safe could be an option in a lot of cases, apart from perhaps. 

The times we receive a witheld number, e.g. a hospital where numbers are Witheld, or a Doctors, where Staff would not know their direct dial number, and would not be allowed to give it out in the first place.

To better explain, Consider this TalkTalk are the hospital, No TalkTalk employee would ever tell you their direct dial or extension number, if they even knew what it was, they must never tell anyone.

So you couldn’t add it into your Call Safe Accept list.


That’s why for now I use my Answerphone to monitor, and intercept calls.  

If it’s a Scam they tend to Hang Up anyway.  These automated Scam calls are an exception.


TalkTalk will only call you from their Number, and if in doubt, remember they are calling you.  

I would advise.

Do Not tell them who you are, until they prove who they are.

Still in doubt, get them to tell you who they are, what department they are in, so you can ring them back.



Wait 10 minutes before you call them back on the Official TalkTalk telephone number. That wait time is to help should the “caller” be potential scammers, holding the line open, with a recording of a dial tone.


I hope this helps, if it has, perhaps you could “like” my message, with a Thumbs up.