NOW TV possible scam?

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Had a call this morning from a young lady supposedly from TT saying she would help me change my existing TV packege over to NOW TV as my existing package will be ending soon. She said she just sent me a voucher email for an introductory discount. It never arrived, then she said she'd talk me through the sign up process. I became suspicious, and said I'd check things out and get back to her, The number on my caller display was the geniune TT contact number. Was this a scam? I can't believe TT would directly call me as they have all my details. Anyone eelse had this?

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They may well be pushing this out, but you are wise to be cautious. 


You can sign up in your own time from here:


If there's an introductory discount,  chase this up on Chat, @Bluzman.


Scroll down for hours of availability and the link on this page:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.