New Scam!

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Just a heads up, received house phone call, from 01287235021. A recorded message played, " This is Talktalk Tech Department. Your internet will be shutdown within 24 hrs. To keep it going reply to this call" . I'm getting calls from similar numbers every couple of days. Any one else received a similar call?

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This is quite a normal known scam call, do not reply as they will pass this on to others as a live phone number and calls will be escalated.

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Hi whiecliffs,

I have been having the phone calls for some time, was first time with a recorded message. Today I also got email, from apple saying my account will be closed within 24 hrs. I sent that to Apple. Seems the details have been sold on again, unless it's a new outrage.

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Hi David951,


I'm sorry to hear this. Have you seen our CallSafe service?


About CallSafe





I have started to get these calls to my landline as well - TalkTalk tech dept, broadband about to be disconnected etc.

1st call was yesterday at 08.48; 2 call today at 08.34; 3rd call today at 10.17. They used 3 different numbers (which I have posted on the Check and Report page).  The numbers are 01282 100583; 01287 899438; 01281 831638.

I have blocked all 3 numbers but I will now try "Callsafe" to see if that helps.

What I don't understand is how these scammers got my number. It was changed earlier this year due to me getting loads of calls from various debt collectors asking for persons I've never heard of. I am also "ex directory" with TalkTalk and I remember receiving a letter when TalkTalk was hacked reassuring me my data had not been stolen. So, Can anyone tell me how these scammers got it ?

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Hi @flightsim117


The scammers auto-dial numbers until one picks up. If your newly assigned number is from a number range allocated to TalkTalk then the scammers already know from the Ofcom number ranges that it's likely to be a TalkTalk customer that picks up.


Auto-diallers cannot get through the CallSafe screening and if there's a real scammer on the other end they're unlikely to leave a voice recording for fear of being identified by that voice print.


I think you'll find unwanted calls disturbing you fall, probably to zero, with CallSafe active.

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer


Hi Gondola,


Many thanks for the reply.

I activated Callsafe yesterday and I know it's early days but so far there hasn't been any more scam calls :smileyface:

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Hi OCE Michelle

thanks for your suggestion. Regretfully callsafe seems to interfere with my BT phone with call blocker. Also the only calls I make on the home phone are to Talktalk. But will look into new phone.

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We get 2-3 calls a day of these, all different numbers todays at 0815 was 0128980761 try not to answer but temper gets tthe better of me. i do not understand why Takl Talk cannot close it down. Was it a result of being hacked last year. if I started a business saying I was Talk talk, I think I would be getting a letter from their solicitors

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Sorry that you are receiving those calls


You could also try activating CallSafe , which has been proven to deter scam calls and allows you to block any scam numbers, You can read about it on our help page About CallSafe





It looks like fifth columnists are working at the Indian TT call centre where information is getting passed on to agents based in the U.K.

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Further to my posts on 9th and 10th October, when I was receiving these scam calls, since activating "Call Safe" I'm pleased to say I haven't received even one scam call or calls from debt collectors asking for someone I've never heard of. 

It has certainly solved my problem with these type of calls and I would recommend Call Safe to anyone suffering similar problems.


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Can I just add my five eggs in for what it's worth. I've had a dozen calls over the past 3 days from mostly 0128 numbers, all leaving the same message on my answerphone. It's obviously not TalkTalk because the calls appear to come from a different number every time. Blocking each number is a waste of time as they come through on a different number next time.

The numbers they have used so far are (sorry for the long list):

01286 998 534

01288 670 517

01282 301 297

01284 248 654

01289 471 831

01283 605 040

01388 663 982

01281 621 628

001441282 328 653

01289 985 375

01282 825 187

01286 980 011

I haven't tried CallSafe yet as a number of my friends (and my doctor's surgery) deliberately block their phone number from being displayed on the call receiver's phone display, so presumably they would be intercepted every single time. If I'm not in when one of those calls comes through, I could miss it altogether if CallSafe doesn't let it through to my answering machine. Obviously that could be quite serious if my surgery was trying to contact me.

I understand that TalkTalk are building up a database of scam phone numbers and automatically blocking them from coming through (is this the case?). If so, could they add the above list to it?

I'm amazed in this day and age that the telephone gurus haven't figured out how to stop scam calls from being routed to a client's phone. If the area codes used by the scammers are themselves false (or illegally spoofing genuine area codes), can this not be detected somehow?


Geoff B

Thanks for the numbers. I would like to know how and why so many 0128/0129 are being used 😳
I too have compiled a list of callers using the landline.
Included are some ‘silent’ ones.
Hope this helps catch these foreign crims.