New tactic from spam callers

First Timer

I have recieved calls from "Talktalk Support" at a low level since the loss of data from a database leak.  The calls have maily been from a lady constantly asking me to fix a problem by switching on my computer and follow her instructions.


I have several times listened to her talk and agreed to all of her suggestions, without doing anything, in the hope that they are paying for the call.  I have subsequently barred all calls withholding their number.  This stopped the calls for a short time.


When the calls restarted using international numbers, I have got less patient and asked them quite clearly to stop calling, I got more angry the longer the calls continued.  The tactic has now changed.


I am getting calls from a variety of international numbers, many of which are not registered as real numbers in the countries phone database.  This means that I can not bar the numbers because it is different on every occassion and the calls are not now answered when I pick up the phone.

recent numbers are

00(886)22999074+886TaiwanTaipeiPossible real number
00(212)42566025+212Morocco Not real number
00(856)96536246+856Laos Not real number
00(591)65880333+591Bolivia Not real number

I have no contacts in any of these countries and do not now answer the phone from strange numbers.


Is there any way for the Technical people to trace the peple making these calls or for the Police to be contacted to help with this matter.  These people must be making money by stealing from other Talktalk customers.


does anyone else suffer from this type of calls?




Head of Scam Prevention

Hi @David949


Thanks very much for sharing this information and sorry to hear you're receiving scam calls.  We know this is a growing problem in the UK for many industries.


We do have a Customer Security Investigation team in operation working hard reviewing calls on our network and blocking them at source where possible.  However, not all calls are traceable due to the way they are routed over VOIP.


I can confirm we are working together with NFIB and Action Fraud with ongoing investigations and sharing information to help beat the scammers.


We also have a new calling feature we are working on that will hopefully put a stop to all scam calls, during a recent trial carried out this stopped 95% of unwanted calls, which includes scam and nuisance.


It really helps with our investigations if you can report the scam calls in our help site.


Once again, thanks for sharing this information.