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Morning, I just received a phone call from  01518436271 trying to tell me that there had been a problem with my line and asking what computers and laptops I own. I stated that I had to go to work and needed to go, they were very rude and tried to carry on the conversation when I said I need to go they just slammed the phone down. If this was from a talktalk call centre then they should be ashamed of themselves, with people like that calling it's very easy to loose customers.

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Hi @cottonhills


I'd rather you lose the scam calls like the one you reported here. TalkTalk's free CallSafe will screen those calls for you. If you haven't yet tried it, and would like to, then call 1472 and when prompted press 1 to switch on CallSafe. 


Here's all you need to know about using CallSafe.

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