Phone scam from withheld number

First Timer

Yesterday I reported an internet problem to Talktalk. I reset the modem and the problem was solved.

Today, 2 consecutive calls from a withheld number from a person with a foreign accent, saying he was from Talktalk and who wanted me to join him on my pc with a session ID on this website:     when he said he would fix an unresolved problem. 1st call was dealt with by me 2nd by my husband. Despite telling him that we weren't going to enter any code into the computer, he kept trying to insist that he was from Talktalk and wanted to fix an urgent problem. After haggling for quite a few  minutes, we both hung up. Be warned THIS IS A SCAM!!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi  @sushie26


It was a scam call. 


Things to remember TalkTalk will never:


  • Call you to advise we have detected a fault in your router and ask you to install any software
  • Never call you to state you are being disconnected due to a fault/late payment 
  • Use your TalkTalk account number to prove a call is genuine.
  • Ask you to provide your full password - we'll only ever ask for two digits in order to protect your security.
  • Ask for your bank details to process a refund - if you're a TalkTalk customer, your bank details are already registered on our systems.

If you are in any doubt hang up the call and call us back to verify that we have called you. 


You could try our CallSafe service which has been proven to deter scammers read more about it on our help page About CallSafe