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I have received innumerable phone calls from 06189590408 in the last few months. TalkTalk scam reporting won't recognise the number. I have reported the calls to the police but they have made no progress. Callsafe is on & this number is blocked but I still get calls (@ 2 am today).. TalkTalk chat line was fairly unhelpful. Any thoughts or ideas?


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Hi @jimsan55


The area code 06 has not been issued in the UK.  It is clearly a spoofed number. Scammers display the wrong number on your 'phone display to hide their true number


You can use Check & Report to report the calls to TalkTalk.  At the moment no other customer has reported that number so you may be the first.


I'd recommend that you report the number so it can be blocked and then suggest you take advantage of CallSafe to block those pesky unwanted scammers




Key 1472 from your 'phone and press 1 to activate another free phone feature from TalkTalk. CallSafe screens callers for you. CallSafe blocks those unwanted callers.

Your wanted callers get straight through but others have to announce themselves by name. At that point, before you're even aware of the call, the scammers usually hang up so you're never disturbed.  It offers the real potential of no unwanted calls.  

You can also activate in MyAccount. Select MyServices > Manage CallSafe and switch ON. Your regularly called numbers will already be on the Approved list and you can add more wanted callers to the Approved list or add numbers to the Blocked list.


The full Help page details are here: CallSafe (Click here)


And here's a video to explain how CallSafe works:





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