Scam TT call knew my account number

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Just had the usual scam call "we have detected your router has been used illegally" etc. This time though he knew my TalkTalk account number.


I have not had any of these call for a while. Last week I had to ring TalkTalk for an issue and this week they start up again.


TalkTalk you have some serious security issues in your Indian call centre. Its not good enough. What are you doing about it? Maybe we should all complain to Ofcom?

Paul E
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That's worrying to know, it should be looked into immediately, it's a data breach, unless it's that widespread it can't be overcome. The line between legitimacy and fraud is blurred.
GDPR surely applies, a third party may have some of you Talktalk details.

I've had several recent calls from call centres regarding an previous Talktalk issue, as soon as we had a brief chat, I was put on hold for quite a while, i wasn't happy with this and ended the calls. I made sure to activate call barring for premium numbers, just in case.


Activate Call safe.

Was the number withheld, spoofed or a legitimate one?