Scam attempt - pc hijack

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Just had a phone call from someone who claimed to be from Talk Talk.  She had an indian accent and called herself 'Anni Paul' , her 'ID' was TT1652 .

This was given to me after I was a bit suspicious and queried her details. She also gave me my account number which was correct. The call was from 0207 383 2111, which when I called back after, was a 'dead number'. 


She stated that there has been some unusual activity on my internet and a lot of data was being used. Says that this was responsible for a slower connection that I have been having (Which is unfortuatly true as the connection has been slower in August so far)


She wanted me to press 'windows key and R' and run .  I know what teamviewer is, as I have used this myself to remote connect to other pcs. I said that I could not continue as I had to go. She promptly hung up without any closure which made me think that it was fraudulent also.


I am obviously dissapointed by this and wish to warn others not to fall for this scam.



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I have had a couple of dead calls from this number over the past couple of days and spoke to someone this morning who said they had noticed my internet connection being slow recently and asked me to go to a computer. They knew my surname which is frustrating and almost certainly points to the data leak last year.

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I have reported it to Talk Talk as a scam and let them know about further attempts for this number (0207 383 2111) to contact me.  They have tried a few times more now but hang up when Ive answered the call.


Will be blocking this number. I advise others to do the same if they start receiving calls from here.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who are you are not allowed to criticise
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I have been getting daily calls from another number now 0207 241 5791 and get an engaged tone. This usually happens in the mornings, sounds like its from an India 'call centre' again.


I have reported this online through the support > Report a scam/nuisance call on the account menu.


This is getting stupid now and I am not happy at all that they keep calling!


I have told them that we know that this is a scam call; the operator persisted, but hung up when he was not getting on with his 'script' .


All they will do is use another number to carry on doing what they are doing. I am at work during the week, but my wife has to deal with this during the call. A friend who has Talk Talk has reported similar with his phone too (and has reported it also)

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who are you are not allowed to criticise
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Just had another call from this same number:  0207 241 5791


The 'advisor' started off with 'Good morning . How are you today..' He was trying to anglicize his accent. I asked him who he was and he said 'Andrew Paul' from Talk Talk Services (NOTE: because the Indian accent/ language does not have a 'V' sound in their alphabet, it sounds like 'SerWices'


So I proceeded to say. 'Ah your from an Indian call centre then?'


He said something like 'Oh god' and hung up.


My wife says she gets these calls multiple times a day during the week. 


Obviously not impressed at the frequency of these calls and will be persuing this further!


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who are you are not allowed to criticise
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Claiming to be Talk Talk, repeatedly telling me my Router is infected!

This is a real plague!

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I have just removed the web link from your posts.


F-Secure reports that site as potentially harmful - so best not publicised on the forums.

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Talktalk know about this but have done *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* all to earn users, good for a communication firm.

If anyone suffers a loss probably have a case against TT, having known about the issue they have done sweet FA.
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Well at least TalkTalk told their customers about the hack so they could be aware.


It's taken Yahoo 2 years to admit a hack - and only then because they found someone was selling all the details.


500 million records lost and they kept quiet !!!