Scam call epidemic

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Can anyone explain why it is so difficult to fight back against the scam call epidemic?


Scam calls claiming to be from TalkTalk technical support are becoming more and more frequent and are a major nuisance and source of irritation, let alone actual fraud for the small number of people taken in by them.  I have already received 4 this morning, all separate numbers clearly using spoofed caller ID.


CallSafe (unfortunately) is not the answer, because numbers seem to be rarely repeated, and a bold scammer will record an introduction anyway; although they are (to some extent) shooting themselves in the foot in that many are recordings.


With modern technology, why is it not possible to trace PSTN or VOIP calls back to their source, given the volume of calls that must be being sent out from any individual scam call centre, and report the evidence to the relevant authorities in the hosting country? Or block at the routing level?


Just as an exercise, I tried keeping a scammer on the line just now and manged to extend the call to 10 minutes.  Would it not be possible via, say, simultaneous webchat for a few people to do this and discover the true origin of more of these calls?


I'm sure GCHQ could do it - if we are to believe all the TV programs where tracing like this seems to happen instantly!