Scam or genuine? I called 0345 1720088

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My internet went off yesterday morning. It seems to happen every week now. I called 0345 1720088, the TalkTalk main number. The girl sounded Chinese. She said they had tried to call me several times. I had 2 calls from 01494259244 yesterday morning. Other calls from different numbers on different days. I never answer, they never leave a message. 


She said I had to confirm the instaltion at my address for the emergency services????? I have been with TalkTalk for several years.


She said I should be back online within 15mins and I was.

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Hi justmegt


It was a genuine call, we regularly run audits on our customers addresses for our emergency services database,   We check that the landline is pointing to the correct service address as that is the address that the emergency services will go to if 999 is called, if they appear incorrect or dont match,  we will try to contact you to confirm the address. As we couldn't get through to you by calling, In this instance we had to force you to contact us  by placing a temporary restriction on the line.   


I can see that we have verified the address now, Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 



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I have since read about scam calls and some of the items matched up. Chinese sounding voice. Lots of noise in the background.


It would help if someone left a message on my voicemail. I have a least one call a day from unknown numbers across the world. I never answer but if someone leaves a message and I know who it is, I will get back to them.


I have switched the 'callsafe' protection on, since reading about scam calls.

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George ripped off
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Talk talk are scammers, yesterday I was Charged £57 for reporting a fault on my internet as they use an 0871 number I was charged £57 and the internet is still rubbish. Why would anyone use an 0871 premium number if they were not scammers.


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TalkTalk do not use an 0871 number, I suspect what happened was that you used a third-party referral service which are designed to trick the unwary into making chargeable calls. The contact numbers listed on the official TalkTalk websites begin 0345 and are free from a TalkTalk landline.