Scam phone call from Talk Talk re termination of my phone and broadband service today

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This phone call was received today within 24 hours of reporting a slow broadband problem and posting a question in the Community. The exact same thing happened in early April when I posted a question about CLI and regularly used numbers not being recognised when I dialled them. A robotic voice announces that your phone and BB will be terminated at the end of the day. You have to press 1 to discuss the termination or 2 if you want the termination to proceed. I pressed 1 and a very friendly person spoke and was eager to know if I was having a good day. I told him that I could not answer any of his questions until I took him through my security checks. He hung up straight away without even saying goodbye. 


His displayed number was 0222809857 - the number has not been recognised. 

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Hi @Figgis

It was a scam call, Things to remember TalkTalk will never:


Call you to advise we have detected a fault in your router and ask you to install any software
Call you to state you are being disconnected due to a problem on your router
Use your TalkTalk account number to prove a call is genuine.
Ask you to provide your full password - we'll only ever ask for two digits in order to protect your security.
Ask for your bank details to process a refund - if you're a TalkTalk customer, your bank details are already registered on our systems.
Ask you to send us money through services such as Moneygram or Western Union. Scammers do this to prevent transactions from being traced back to them.


If you know the number that called, you can add it to our Check and report site and we can block it, Also you can activate callsafe via My Account, it has been proven to deter scam callers.



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I have also just received a call from someone posing as Talk Talk claiming they wanted me to download Teamviewer 5 onto a windows laptop to prevent malware and that if I did not my broadband would be disconnected. Call started with an automated message then asked to press option 1 to speak to an operator. I spoke to a female and then a male - both had Indian accents, quite persistent and swore at me when I said I had googled team viewer scams. Number was 01249 534394 - unknown number when I tried to call back.

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Hi Shmakova79


I would suggest adding the number to our check and report site to have it blocked.