Scam phone calls received everyday

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Hi there,


Everyday we are getting scam phone calls from people pretending to be from Talktalk, sometimes it is a recorded message telling us that our line is going to be disconnected tomorrow. It is useless to ban the calling numbers as they change everyday, they must have a machine generating fake numbers. Even one time a real request to change provider was filled in somewhere by somebody and we had to stop it as this time it was real, very likely this prank was made by the same people.

This started around the time TalkTalk data was hacked a few years ago, we are in fact harassed everyday.

Are there any people in the same situation?   

Yes, we have been having exactly the same experiences.  POur phone goes with a number displayed;  on answering a woman's recorded voice (with an American accent) says that she is phoning from Talktalk, or BT  or whoever, then says that our internet line is about to be disconnected and press 1 for more information.  We have never pressed 1.   I have reported this to Talktalk before on another site (which I cannot now bring up) and given the phone numbers.  However, nothing has been done about it as we are still getting one or two a day.