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I've received several calls in the last couple of days, all claiming to be from TalkTalk technical department or maintenance department.  I never believe any of then and generally just hang up.  The last one I got a short time ago from the number 02858941588 actaully quoted my account number, although as I wasn't in front of the computer at the time I couldn't confirm they had the correct one. This I found a little more worrying. 


He was a bit more persistant than most. He said I had a problem with the router, as most do. I asked him to tell me which router I was using. As it was provided by TalkTalk, he would have known. He avoided that one. Strangely he didn't hang up when I told him I didn't have a Windows computer, but a Mac. They generally hang up when they find that out. 


I've submitted the number to on My Account as a scam call. Has anyone else had calls from this number?

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Hi JohnOH

Please see "Is there a central register of phone numbers ......."

To see the calls I have had in June, July, August & some September


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Hi Artey


Thanks for that. I had read your post before posting mine. I did report the number so hopefully that one will be blocked. I got another call since my post from the same number but didn't answer that and this morning there was another call from a different number, but one I'm sure I've had before. I ignored that this time. I'm aware that these calls are scams and would never act on any of them, but I do admit to sometimes having a bit of fun with them.