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I've had at least 3 of these calls in the last fortnight.  they say they are from Talk talk and ask how I am.  They then say there is a problem with someone trying to hack/errors being reported in relation to my computer and then ask me to log on.  When confronted they put the phone down.  I've had men and women ring, i would love to know how they get my details and know i am with Talk Talk.  Todays phone number was 0014809707614.

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I am receiving these as well, I had another one yesterday same number as yours.

Last year i was getting these calls and as a result i was scammed out of  £1000.

I have reported this to Talk Talk but there dont do anything about it

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From the same 001 phone number, they called twice today. First time my wife said I wasn't available and call back in 30 minutes. about an hour later they called and said my internet has been slow for the last two weeks as my router had downloaded a virus, I suggested that I did not wish to play this game and don't call again


Worrying part is that a few weeks ago I had a similar call and told them not to call again. when I checked my Internet connection it had actually gone down at the time of the call, but went back up after 10 minutes. The number on that call was 0121 0573 5975


Sadly the reason for my slow Internet speed is TalkTalk, not just the line speed but the latency. I asked them to upgrade me to fibre, but got a response that said there was so much pressure on moving to fibre that it wasn't possible. So the answer is to move to another provider who has commited to a move to fibre within 3 weeks of me signing up


Once moved, at least when I get calls from talktalk I will be able to say with certainty it is a scam

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I agree with everything you say. Talk Talk has a lot to answer to they have gotten away with there customers being robbed. The  phone number ther used  was 001052353419  I could hear a lot of Indian accents. Ive had 4 calls and the Last Caller Barring does not stop them

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As a long time member, after 20 years I think my loyalty has come to an end. These scammers called me again today on my private line. TT said they would pass on the phone number to their security team. Will this be the same team who couldn't keep my personal details safe? When I joined AOL, not long after the web was invented, the company was fantastic! Over the years the serviced got worse. Then Talk talk took over and it nosedived. Words, other than swear words, fail me. Bye bye Talk talk. It wasn't good to know you......

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The calls continue and we now seem to get one or two (occasionally  3 or 4)  per day, sometimes with a caller id, sometimes without. We have been with TalkTalk since they began. I have tried to stay with them over the years, despite their lack of concern regarding poor service and lack of security, but now there is no option but to move to another provider.


Had an Asian guy on the phone at 1pm today from 01874 990024.


Said he was from TalkTalk and that I was having trouble with my conputer and my internet connection. When I said I wasn't having any trouble he told me I didn't know because I'm not a technician and he is. Actually, I am, I said. He said 'You, sir, are a liar' and slammed the phoned down.


Please TalkTalk - stop these scammers! Like others are asking, how do they know my Phone/broadband provider, and have my number?


I've had the same call a couple of times and the same indignation and moody response from them when I tell them I have no problems and don't play ball with them.

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I'm sorry to hear you have been receiving scam calls.


Unfortunately, scam calls are affecting a lot of providers and industry sectors.


We are actively working to block scam call numbers across our network and would encourage you all to report these numbers.via My Account 





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