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Hi i can't find how to start a new topic so i am posting here. I have had several calls from someone purporting to be from talktalk. He has an indian accent and tells me my server is compromised and he will help me to resolve the problem.When i tell him the number he is calling from is not from talktalk he immediately hands up.


The number he is calling from is 0156879076 a quick search revealed the std code is Leominster and is obviously a very determined scammer.


I would be grateful if you can explain to me how to start a new topic






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Hi @billaber


I'd recommend that you report the numbers so they can be blocked and take advantage of CallSafe to block those pesky unwanted scamsters. Click here for Check and Report.


With Check and Report you are in control of your call security.  Check who called you - if it’s a troublesome caller that's already been reported you'll be advised and if it's a new nuisance caller then Report them. TalkTalk will investigate and if appropriate will block that caller for all TalkTalk customers.


Don’t know the number or it's not a regular number? Then head over to our Scam Form where you can report a scammer without knowing their phone number.

To Start a Topic in Beat the Scammers Start a Topic Click here.  The forum itself is here: Let's Beat the Scammers.

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