Seriously Abusive Scammer

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I was called today by a scammer using the number 0207 8203944. They had a strong Indian accent and their English was quite broken. They began with their usual spiel about how my internet wasn't working. I explained that I knew they were a scammer and I was going to  hang up now.  Usually they call another three or four times in an afternoon, so I also said: 'And please don't call me again.' I was about to put the phone down when the voice became much deeper and incredibly angry, and this horrible weirdo began screaming abuse and threats. 'You f---ing bitch' - 'I'm going to come for you, you f---ing bitch.' I put the phone down, as they continued to scream and threaten me.  

These calls have been going on now for several years.  If you don;t do exactly what they say, the scammers become incredibly abusive - resorting to foul language, abuse and threats. Why can't TalkTalk stop this? Do these weirdos have our addresses as well? If so, should I be concerned about this scammer's threat to 'come for me'?  Is there any legal redress for people being abused, threatened and intimidated by these vile and sinister people? 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi AstridK


Have you entered the number in our check and report site.,  we can investigate it and block it on the network.


Also you could activate our CallSafe service which has been proven to deter scam callers, read about it on our help page About CallSafe




First Timer

Many thanks - yes I will  enter the number so it can be blocked.

I set up callsafe on my phone but can't unset it - decided it blocked too many prospective customers for my business. 

How do I remove callsafe using the same phone number I used to set it up? 

many thanks