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Does this actually exist, and if so, would they ever contact me via a recorded message?

I've been getting bombarded by these recently and I normally put the phone down immediately. However, yesterday I had one which worried me. I hung on a little longer than usual, just long enough to hear it say that my internet was about to be disconnected. Then it said something like, 'To speak to one of our advisors, press 1', at which point I put the phone down. 


I then got out my Last Call Barring sheet and proceded to dial 14258, only to then realise that in spite of me first putting the landline phone back into its cradle, I wasn't getting any dialling tone. This made me wonder if they have a method of preventing disconnection and are gambling on people dialling a number beginning with a one. I believe there are numbers where even a one-second connection can cost you a lot of money.


I've now started getting loads of phone calls from long phone numbers, which I always just hold the phone silently, to prevent triggering an automatic reply system. My barred numbers list must be getting impressively long, but still they keep coming.


I'm sure they have no connection with TalkTalk, but just for future reference, any caller claiming to be from the 'TalkTalk Technical Department' will be immediately blocked.

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Hi Labrat


These do sound like the usual type of scam calls that happen from time to time.  Have you tried activating Call Safe on your line.  I find this does help to screen these type of calls.





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